Off and running!

A slightly bumpy start when it was discovered that the four guys featured in our liveblog for Music Madness were still working with Firefox 1.5. Yeah, I said 1.5. So Cover It Live wasn’t working for them. After a desperate plea with the IT guy to upgrade them to 3.0 (and a lovely little serenade from two of them who love having that version 🙂 ) the chat has been going strong all morning!

We’re in a slow patch right now as the guys, you know, do real work, which is good because I’ve got a million balls in the air trying to keep this going. Got a new sponsor for it, had to make a banner for them, they filmed a roundtable discussion yesterday that I had to get embedded, and of course, keeping the chat and twitter going.

Good thing I’m a Queen Multitasker.

But I’m very pleased with the results so far. We’re nearing 100 votes in the first bracket, the promotion we’ve done leading up to this is paying off (using Twitter, radio call-ins, house banners, and a spread in print.) And of course, the liveblog is a hoot. Still impressed as ever with Cover It Live – use it whenever you can – it’s free!