RIP Twhirl

Let me tell you why I loved Twhirl: I could run multiple accounts in separate windows and monitor their feeds at a glance. No tedious signing in and out constantly on the web, no trying to figure out how to do that in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck (if anyone knows if this is possible, please leave me a comment.)

As part of my job here at the newspaper, I need to monitor our Twitter accounts, some small business accounts, and then I usually have my own account open so I can watch for social media stories I might be interested in. Twhirl let me open each account in a little messenger-like window that I could run on my second desktop screen, and I could just glance over and skim them at will.

And now, because of Twitter’s API change, Twhirl is totally dead. And I am left to flounder a little bit as I change my ENTIRE social media routine at work to find something that works for me. Thanks Twitter.

Yes, I know I can tweet from multiple accounts in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. But I can’t monitor those accounts’ feeds in it as far as I can tell. So if ANYONE out there knows of a tool that works like Twhirl (and didn’t get buggered by the API change) I am begging you to pass the word around and let me know.

9 Replies to “RIP Twhirl”

  1. its important that you lidarate a campaign against twitter because thah tool was the greates

  2. I know. I’m so sad too.
    I loved the glance popup functionality.
    I’ll never Twitter again *sob*

    Seriously, I’ll probably only use my mobile from now on.
    Everything else takes up too much screen space.

  3. I feel your pain Steph! There is now no decent desktop app for twitter! They were all broken by this most recent change.

    The only one I can find is a sprawling, huge, unwieldy Tweetdeck. I loved having this small, compact, twitter stream that I had with Twhirl.

    I can’t find ANYTHING to replace it – I have been looking high and low.

    RIP Twhirl & Co – a real disgrace and bad for users 🙁

  4. Twhirl was owned by Seesmic and they gave up on it a few years ago. But it was limping along and I got too used to it. I don’t like Tweetdeck at all, or any similar ones. It’s too hard to monitor multiple accounts.

  5. It amazes me that Tweetdeck is now all that we have – such a stupid decision from Twitter. And how come it is so bad? Ho hum 🙁

  6. Same here sniff. 🙁 Why oh why? I always came back to twhirl no matter how those other twitter clients tried to keep me.

  7. Me too – twhirl rules for monitoring three accounts – did EXACTLY what i needed (for years). Now what?

  8. I know it’s an old article but…

    oh how I miss my twhirl. now that tweetdeck is dead too I don’t know what to use…

  9. I found this by searching for a client to replace twhirl. It was the best and it confounds me to no end that it died while poorer clients live.

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