Should we give up YouTube?

At my small-ish newspaper, my department is trying to decide whether to keep using YouTube as a host for our videos, or if we should fully switch to NDN, which gives us revshare when our videos are using by other media throughout the NDN network.

Personally, I hate to give up YouTube simply for ease of use. I don’t know that we can monetize our videos on YouTube (we don’t have a big enough traffic draw to make it worthwhile.) My job is to think about the social implications of giving up Youtube and so far, I can’t really think of any apart from ease of use (being able to post directly from phones during breaking news etc. Easily embeddable within stories)

Would love any kind of feedback on this topic…

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  1. We are doing that right now. It seems that the problem is that the ad department can’t use the views on Youtube to sell ads. They can’t count the views, I mean. Or something. Here’s what my boss spelled out for me, because I couldn’t grasp that:

    “There is a (1) pageview and a (2) video view. We get credit for the pageview and get reporting of the video views via YouTube. But if I were going to sell a Pre-roll spot let’s say, the 8,404 video views are not mine to sell, as it is now I can not sell a local advertiser on this video – with NDN we would still retain our video traffic just as we do now but also have the ability to monetize it just as we do all the other content on our site.”

    I still don’t get it, but I guess this is the sticking point.

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