Facebook Pages timeline changes suck

I’m not a change resistor. I don’t usually have issues when websites monkey around with their layouts or functionality. I may not like it right away, but normally I can just get used to it and move on with my life.

I’ve tried to do that with Facebook’s new look on their business pages. But it ain’t happening.

I HATE THEM. The timeline is now cluttered with things that *I* don’t need to see as the admin of the page. Things popup on a mouse hover that requires a click to make disappear but in the meantime it covers over the post area. I can’t just see comments under a post now, I have to click to open them up to see them… I just have had it with it today. I manage a LOT of Facebook pages for my paper and several local businesses. These changes aren’t helpful AT ALL.

Here is the first thing that bothers me:


I don’t need to see this directly under the posting area. Put it in the sidebar. These numbers are nice, but not really vital info that needs to be in my face right away.

This next thing is my most hated issue. The ridiculous ‘Promote’ button that is right in the way of my mouse pointer as I scroll and makes this REALLY STUPID popup that I NEVER USE.  And it doesn’t go away if you move the mouse away. Nope. You have to click outside the popup to remove it. It’s such a distraction when all I need to do is make a post.


Here’s a new thing I’ve noticed just in the pas few days (at least, on my pages. Might have just been rolled out to me or something) is this grouping of recent posts. No no no no no! And the first one is event the most recent post! In order for me to see all of my recent posts, I have to click that barely noticeable ‘See All’ text, wait for the page to reload, and then go on about my business. Who the eff designed this crap??? This is unhelpful to the admin, especially on pages where there are multiple admins trying to avoid duplicate postings.


And finally, why the hell are photo and video boxes in the middle of the timeline? These need to go back on the sidebar. For Pete’s sake, this is utterly stupid. I have to scroll past this bollocks to look at and moderate older posts. Ridiculous!


But tell us how you really feel, Steph! 🙂

Look, I have been trying to get used to these changes for days now and it’s just not working. I don’t want to be this ^^^ whiny person. But none of these changes make sense to me. They make my job a little more annoying.  If Facebook won’t improve these areas, at least give us the ability to layout the page template that admins see the way that works best for us. I know that’s asking for the moon from Facebook, but come on FB designers. Don’t just think about the end user. Think about us middlemen pushing out the content for them too.