Below are some Social Media articles/tools I’ve come across that I feel are essential reading.


Old Media, New Tricks discusses the benefits of lifestreaming – One of my favourite websites is really big on “Lifestreaming” and here they discuss an experiment that did during a heat wave in their area. They used wonderful site, Posterous, to solicit photos and video from readers. This would be a wonderful way for newspapers to encourage community involvement and it can also be used outside of the media industry. A travel destination might ask guests to send in in their photos and videos of their time there.

Five successful businesses using Twitter – Mashable highlights five businesses using twitter successfully. There are, of course, more than five out there doing great things on Twitter, but I chose this because it shows *small* businesses using it.

Austin-Statesman inserts ad in their Twitter stream – A newspaper in Texas doing innovative things surveyed their followers to see if they’d mind the occasional ad. Turns out, they don’t if it has something of value to offer them.

ONA highlights the Next Big Things – the 2009 Online News Association conference yielded some interesting things to keep an eye on in the near future, including the use of Facebook Connect for commenting and Google Wave.

Recommended Social Media sites to use:


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